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Limescale Remover/Water Softener

You may find the chart below some help in deciding just which unit you require

Whats your home Vented/Unvented Sonic Model price Fix your sonic here
1-3 Bed flat WS1 £139.00 Any cold pipe
4-5 BED FLAT WS3 £230.00 Any cold pipe
6+ BED FLAT WS5 £595.00 Any cold pipe
1-3 BED HOUSE VENTED WS3 £230.00 *one aerial on rise one on cold downservice
1-3 BED HOUSE UNVENTED WS1 £139.00 Any cold pipe
4-6 BED HOUSE VENTED WS1/WS3 £369.00 WS3 as above* / WS1 on cold boiler feed
4-6 BED HOUSE UNVENTED WS1/WS3 £369.00 WS3 on any cold pipe /WS1 on cold boiler feed
7-10 BED HOUSE VENTED WS1/WS5 £734.00 WS5 as WS3 above* /WS1 on cold boiler feed
7-10 BED HOUSE UNVENTED WS1/WS5 £734.00 WS5 any pipe / WS1 on boiler feed
11-15 BED HOUSE VENTED WS3/WS5 £825.00 WS5 two aerials on rise one on cold down / WS3 on boiler feed
11-15 BED HOUSE UNVENTED WS3/WS5 £825.00 WS5 any cold pipe / WS3 on boiler feed
15-35 BED PROPERTY WS3/WS6 £1480.00 WS6 on mains / WS3 on boiler feed

Have us arrange your Little Plumber Installation

Although the installation of our Little Plumber units are very easy, you might feel that you require the services of a professional installer.

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We can now offer you the supply and installation of all our units for the prices shown below. These installation fees include the travelling to and from your premises. If you do not have an electric power point within two metres of where the LP needs installing then the cost will increase as the the engineer will need to run a connection to the power point for you. These additional charges are clearly shown in the pricing. For the majority of customers however, the published prices will be correct. We just need to insert a small table here with the cost of the installation for the different types of unit

NB: Installation cost is non refundable and in the event of you wishing to return your Little Plumber under our 12 month moneyback guarantee the cost of installation and any additional parts fitted will be deducted from the amount originally paid.


INSTALLATION FEES all include VAT and are included in the prices details on the product pages. The installation fee is payable when ordering. Each additional half hour required by the engineer is charged out at £45.00 per half hour, plus the cost of any additional parts required, regardless of model being installed and is payable locally at the time of installation.

Why Sonic Water Softener?

Our “no quibble” 12 month money back guarantee means that you can return the WS unit to us and you will be refunded the full amount paid for the unit. We do not refund the cost of returning the item to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Where should I install My Sonic Water Softener?

A : The effect generated by Sonic travels in both directions in the water so even if you fit a unit on the mains feed into your header tank in the loft it will still treat ALL the water in the pipe prior to that including the pipe into the kitchen supplying the drinking tap and kitchen appliances. The effect has nothing to do with the direction of the water flow. The effect travels instantly through any unbroken stream of water but will stop when the stream is broken

Q : What type of pipe do I have to attached the cables to?

A : Our Sonic units work on ALL pipes painted or unpainted, plastic or copper or galvanized steel.

Q : Does it matter which way up I install the unit?

A : It doesn’t matter if your Sonic unit is installed on its side or upside down. It works in any position.

Q : How should I fix the unit to the wall?

A : There are fittings for our Sonic units to be screwed to the wall or you can use two-sided adhesive Velcro or adhesive pads to fix your unit to a surface. The unit is light and is easy to fix to most surfaces. We do supply rawplugs and screws for most models.

Q : What is my unit goes wrong after I have installed it?

A : Sonic units cannot be repaired easily due to the complex electronics inside. In the unlikely event of a unit malfunctioning for any reason we will immediately replace it for you FOC and you can return the unit to us by post.

Q : After installing how quickly will I see an effect on my water?

A : How quickly will you notice the effect depends on how much limescale there is already deposited in your plumbing system. Some people notice the effect immediately and see more lather and say the water tastes better. You should start to see the difference within 10 weeks max.

Q : What about old boiled water remaining in my kettle?

A : When you have boiled the water in the kettle you should empty away the unused water as once water reaches 100’C the conditioning effect of the Sonic unit is removed. Scale will start to deposit if you re-boil already boiled water so the best practice is to empty unused boiled water and re-fill from the tap just before you boil again.

Q : How many turns of the cable should I put around my pipes?

A : You will need at least 10 turns of the aerial but if you can do more so much the better. You can loop the aerial back on itself if you wish.

Q : What plug/plugs do you provide?

A : There are 3 different plugs available when purchasing

  1. Normal UK 220v 3-pin;
  2. European 220v 2-pin; &
  3. US 110v 2-pin. We will despatch the correct type of plug depending upon your location when you place an order.

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